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Compass Rose - Creating Success

Creating Success

  • We conduct research and assessments to identify key success factors for effective and high performing multistakeholder initiatives and organizations.
  • We provide guidance for enhancing the effectiveness, accountability, legitimacy and governance of multistakeholder initiatives and organizations.
  • We utilize the Internet, ICT and social media to create brand and organizational awareness and help you be more responsive to feedback from customers/stakeholders and market/community.
  • We enable e-commerce for small enterprises to access the global market and support livelihoods. We help secure required certification for market entry.
  • We develop business models for small enterprises to execute sales and marketing plans effectively. We mobilize resources for implementing business ideas and expanding markets.


Human Rights Program

Collaborative research on designing multistakeholder initiatives of the future.

Damansara Boutique E-Commerce

Supporting a boutique enterprise with e-commerce, business model design, Asian and European market-penetration planning, market-entry certification, social media marketing strategy and online shopping experience.

Creating Success

  • Guiding multistakeholder initiatives
  • Aiding business & social entrepreneurs
  • Empowering small enterprises with ICT